Youtube Partner Program

Youtube, Now a day we can see most of the people watch Utube video for their Entertainment, Education, hobby and many more. Utube has large audience for watching online videos. Utube has top 3 rank for their site. Utube provide great video quality with high speed than other video sharing website.

so the people prefer Utube for watching online video. Utube has large amount of video category so most of the topic cover in Utube video means people find what ever they want. Utube has good page rank that's why more and more people love to share their video on Utube platform because of they got more quickly and better response to their video.

Utube introduce Utube partner program to their members to make money online through their videos. why because Utube put google adsense advertisement around their videos and google adsense pay money for it. Utube is google company and Utube associated with google adsense program.

Youtube partners program provide monetize option to earn money from your Utube video. you can earn money from your selected video only, generally utube partner program allow two type of revenue from monetize. after sign up to utube partner program then you are enable to monetize your video for revenue. utube will pay you 55% on advertisement revenue and 55% on Subscription Revenues.

What You Need To Create YouTube Partner Account..?

Step 1 : UTUBE ACCOUNT- To create utube partner account you need to sign for utube account, utube allow sign up with your gmail account for sign up in youtube. if you have youtube account then you need to go second step.

Step 2 : At least One Video- means after create utube account, you have at least one video in your utube account for approve your utube partner account for monetization.

Step 3 : Link your google adsense account to your youtube partner account. why because google adsense send money to your bank account for your youtube hosted adsense account.

Important Things to Know...?

-> Before Applying for utube partner account, read the term and condition of Utube partner program and google adsense policy, because it give you full idea about the program and it help to avoid mistake when create account.

-> only use unique google e-mail address to create account because Utube and google adsesne contact you with these e-mail address. so always use good e-mail address, never use the e-mail address which you don't use often. and make sure your e-mail address has strong password and never share this e-mail address or password with others. sometime hack mass your Utube partner account. and steal your money from your account.

-> Always upload your original and copyright videos in your account, don't upload others videos or pirate videos or others copyright video or music or any thing which don't belong to you.

-> Utube partner program works when you follow all the term and condition and google adsense policy.

-> Utube send your total earning to your hosted adsense account next month after 15th for last month.and google adsense send money to your bank account after reach $100 threshold.

-> Utube Allow you to create up to 500 channel for monetization. means you can separate your video category through create different channel.

-> Always upload good videos because if you put bad videos then you have chance to get community guideline strike for inappropriate videos. Utube allow viewers to put video as inappropriate so if you put bad videos then you have more chance to get flag for your videos and then your video get remove from Utube and you got community guideline strike. youtube allow 3 strike per channel and each strike expired after 6 month so be care full about community guideline.

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