Unique Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Make Money On Facebook now a days become more and more popular search around the web. and why not search for that because most of people spend some time on facebook. Facebook is top most social network site and they have very huge amount of users.

Facebook has 1.79 Billion Monthly Active User (09/30/2016). We all Know google, youtube, dailymotion all have official ways to earn money online for theirs users. And Facebook also going to launch video monetization in short time.

Anyone can earn on facebook, you don't need any money to start earn from it. All you have to know the ways how you can make.

You can check the following ways to help you to earn from facebook.

1. FanSlave.com : Make Money On Facebook

Fanslave is top most social network marketing website. here anyone can earn money through theirs  facebook, youtube, google plus account.

All you have to do is like facebook page, view youtube videos, share google plus page and many more easy tasks. and good things is that they pay high rate for these simple work.

This is very easiest way to earn from facebook account. you can cash-out through payza, okpay, payeer. 

You can earn up to € 0.05 (Approx $0.05) per facebook like. 

you can earn up to 15% commission on your referral earnings and purchase.

Click here to join fanslave  for free and start earning from your facebook account.



2. Facebook Page

Facebook Page is best and one of the most important way to make money on facebook. Anyone can create facebook page once they join facebook. 

Facebook page help you to make your brand famous in targeted area. here you can sell services, product or promote anything you like.

direct to the user without any spend a money.  

you can check here how to create facebook page.

Keep In Mind now a day most of the people use facebook. so no matter where are you living.you can sell anything from facebook page.

I found lot's of people  use facebook page for their business too.

if you are tutor. you can create facebook page about tutor and sell you service online without spending. you can use paypal as your online payment.

I am also using paypal for my online service. I sell content online through my facebook page. and i use paypal. paypal is very easy ways to sell anything online.

When Ever someone contact me through facebook page and then if they want content i just send one single link to the customer for buy my service. once customer buy  i will get money instant on my paypal account.

here you can check how to create paypal account.

For Best Result : You should keep active your facebook page. you have to try invite your friends and family to like your page.

Once your facebook page got good amount of likes, comment and share. you will get positive response to your facebook page. 

Promote your affiliate link on facebook page and earn money without spend money on advertising your affiliate products.

you can join best Affiliated Sites  : Clickbank, commission junction, ClickSense, Neobux


3. Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads is top most effective ways to promote your product, service, blogs. there lot's of people make grate profit from facebook ads. 

Facebook Ads is paid service where you have to pay to promote your ads. these very effective and very niche target ads you can create.

you can pay through paypal , your credit or debit card for your ads.

There are lots of affiliate marketer recommends to use facebook ads for affiliated marketing.

If you have big budget or if you enough money then you can go for facebook ads. keep in mind there are huge amount of user.

you have to have choose very niche target audience for your ads.

In my case i used this for sometime and i find it's better to go with facebook page then facebook ads. 

Facebook ads give you quick result but there very low chance to get conversion.

Facebook page takes time to grow. once you grow you will get more conversion without spending dime.



4. Affiliate Marketing Through Facebook 

Affiliate Marketing through facebook is best and very effective way to make money on facebook.

All you have to do is join top most affiliated network and then just share your affiliated link of products or services on your facebook.

once anyone buy product or services through sharing your link you will get commission.

Affiliate Network Pay you commission to sell their product through your affiliate links.

You will get 15% to 70% commission for selling these affiliated networks products or services

There are most of the product are digital so you can sell all over the world through your facebook account.

I recommend always try to promote affiliate product on free ways. Facebook ads are costly and very low conversion rate.

so always try to promote affiliate product through your facebook account or your facebook page.

There are also two more ways you can earn money  on facebook. one is facebook application and second one is facebook E-BOOK. 

Both ways need some skill on specific field. if you are developer and you have some good programs to generate income from it then.

try facebook application to earn income from your application.

If you have good sense of writing and able to write in unique way then try E-book on facebook. 


If you read all the above ways and you don't find good one for you then you can check how to earn money online from legal programs.

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