NeoBux Guide For Beginners

There are lot's of successful people say's if you want to success in any work then you need to learn very well that work before start. so if you want to success and earn good in neobux then read this full post to get better idea. it's not take more than ten minutes.

let me tell you little bit about neobux, neobux is well know paid to click website in the world since 2008. the site provide great income opportunity for anyone who can click the mouse. anyone can join this site from anywhere in the world to earn money without investment. and the best thing is that you can work as your prefer time.


Neobux Guide : 5 Unique Ways To Earn

There are 5 ways you can earn money from neobux. If you are seriously work then you can easily earn $100(Rs.6500) to $500(Rs.32,500) per month with 10 to 20 minutes work daily.

1. View Advertisement 

      Neobux Give you money to just watch ads to short time like 5 seconds to 30 seconds. you can earn $0.001 to $0.02 per advertisement. All you have to do is go to view advertisement page and watch all ads you got. this task takes no more than five minutes.

You can earn even more from view ads by referring your friends or anyone to join neobux. you can earn $0.005 to $0.01 per viewed ads from your referrals. for example : if you refer 1000 people and all of them just view one ad then you can earn between $5 to $10 without doing nothing. we refer some people and I earn daily $2 to $3  just from them view ads. you could earn more if you refer more and more people daily. there not limits for earning from referrals.

You can find your Neobux Direct Referral link Here

First of all you need to log in your neobux account then go to view advertisement page you can see below image.

click here to view ads image 1

Now You Have to click the advertisement which you got on advertisement page. you can refer below image

view ads image 3

Once you click ads you need stay for short time to validate your click.

view ads image 4

Once view All Ads you will get bonus adprize. all you have to do is view the adprize and if you luck you will earn good prize. i will earn $205 from adprize. In my experience i win adprize mostly after 2 or 3 days. i play everyday because you never know, you could earn big too.

view ads image 5

You can see my toatal Adprize win. i Uploaded image on November 29th 2016. wherever i got chance i will update my image

view ads image 6 


2. Mini Jobs

     Mini Jobs is very easy and most favorite way to earn very good money from neobux. all you have to do is just complete simple task and earn $0.01 to $0.25 per task complete and this tasks don't take to much time to complete. you can also earn 15 % to 30% bonus for completing mini jobs. and you can get commission if you have referrals and they complete mini jobs. you can earn 12% commission from your Direct referral mini jobs completion. I earn daily $1 to $2 from my direct referrals mini jobs completion.


3. Rental Referrals 

     Rental Referrals is work for you and you have to pay certain rent for certain time to neobux. and in-returns you get commission $0.005 to $0.01 per rental referrals click. you can rent rental referrals for 30 days for $0.20 to $0.27 per rental referrals.

For Example : if you are standard members in neobux and you buy 300 rental referrals for 30 days. so you have to pay around $60.50 (250*0.20 + 50* 0.21) for 30 days to neobux. Now all of them click every day minimum 4 clicks. Then you will earn $181.20(300*0.02*30days) for 30 days.

As we give example on standard members so earning is $0.005 per rental clicks. so you make pure profits is $120.7 (181.20-60.50). but its depend on referrals clicks so if rental referrals don't click then you lose too. Rental Referrals system like investment. you can profit or loss from rental referrals. There are so many users who earn $ 400 to $2500 per from Rental Referrals. I earn per month $120(RS.7,800) to $150(RS.9,750) from my rental referrals.


4. Coin Offers

    Coin offers is also easy way to earn, All you  do is install app in your mobile and neobux pay you coin for that and you can convert that coins in cash. They only offer secure app to install. It's better way to earn money just by installing app in your mobile. you can also earn 20% commission from your direct referrals earned coins.

5. Ad Prize

     Neobux gives chance to every member's to win ad prize through ad prize game. whenever neobux members watch advertisement then neobux give them 3 chance to play ad-prize and win adprize in cash or points or golden membership. they pay cash in between $0.10 to $50. and points 10 points to 10,000 points. I  daily play ad prize and i Mostly win something  in 2 or 3 days. 


Payment Methods 

        In Neobux you need at least One Online Payment Processor to receive money from neobux. the site allow 4 type of online payment processor. you can use paypal, payza, neteller, skrill for receiving money from neobux. you will get instant cashout from neobux. means whenever you cash-out from neobux, they send money right way to your online payment processor. and your online payment processor send money to you within a week. you can cashout minimum $2.


I personally Earn Approximately $300(RS.19,500) per month just work an hours per day. if you want to make some extra money then join neobux. you know it's free to join you don't need to investment to earn here.

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Tips For Success in NeoBux

  • View All Ads and Adprize because it's very easy and very important way to earn.
  • We Strongly recommends to read carefully all pages we put below. its neobux help page and some neobux rules and regulation pages and FAQ page. its help you how you can earn more without any mistake.                                                                                 

    Neobux Help Page 

    Neobux Success Stories  

    Neobux Payment Proofs  

    Register for NeoBux 

  • Always keep Patience and stay active for long time. Don't forget to Post few massage in neobux forum page in daily basis. Give some time to read forum page new post so you get recent new about neobux. its help you lot to make money online.
  • As Free Members always focus on mini jobs, Direct referrals, ad prize, Coins Offers because that's the only way you can earn more and if you want to buy rental referrals then its also good option to target these points and you can easily buy rental referrals from your mini jobs and direct referrals earnings and its will maximize your earning all ways.
  • Don't spend money to get direct referrals. always refer someone in free way at beginning. 
  • Rental Referrals is good option to earn from investment. but always careful and make road map of your rental referral strategies before buy rental referrals. rental referral is quick and fast way to make money online but you have to have strategies.


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