Make an easy $50 per day online without selling anything

Making money online isn’t always about working hard. Something being smart is good enough. People always think you have to reinvent the wheel to get rich. But with an easy game, you can make $50 a day on eBay, without selling anything. It seem crazy, but follow this example and you can make money … every day again.

When we think about affiliate marketing, we initially think of Amazon, Clickbank, PayGear, ShareaSale, … When we think about selling products online, we often think of eBay. But what if you can combine the selling with affiliate marketing? What if you can get the best of both worlds?

Many people forget that eBay has an affiliate program. With eBay affiliate, you can do exciting things. Whoever wants to spend a bit of time can earn tens of dollars a day. If you have a blog and/or social media influence, this may be one of the easiest ways to earn online money.
Ebay Partner Website

The problem why people don’t make money online is; they try a method for a day or a week and abandon it looking for anyone that is easy or that does not require any work.

But let me tell you the truth:

Before you can earn money online, you need to ACT, you need to take ACTION and then you need to have PATIENT.

You do not expect to make $100 daily in just 1 week after trying a method. You need to learn how a method works and then think outside the box to beat your competitors.

Here, you will get one of the best method to make money online. It is almost a guarantee to make you more then $50 daily as long as you put in time to make it work.

How to Make Easy $50 to $100 Per Day Without Selling Anything

There is a great way to make up to $50+ per day online using a very simple method without selling a thing yourself. We are going to be utilizing the power of eBay.

A lot of folks seems to forget that eBay has an affiliate program and they give you some great opportunities to make some extra income from promoting their products/website.

To me, eBay’s affiliate program is one of the best affiliate website available online. They will pay you per lead and also for every sales that you make. without wasting your time and mine, am going to show you the steps on how to start making money online using this method.

Whatever you’re passionate about, it’s on eBay. Share your finds with your audience and get paid when items sell. Simply link an item or share your finds through Facebook, Twitter, your blog or website. If what you share sells, you’ll earn money.

Step 1. The SignUp

Go to and sign up for eBay’s affiliate program. It is easy and will not take more than 2 minutes, you will be required to enter your phone number, email address and other necessary stuffs- you can use fakenamegenerator to get unique phone/address number for people living in banned country- Don’t let that stop you.

Step 2. The List

After you have successfully registered your account, search online for the top classified ads sites and put together a short list of the best to get started. One of the top classified ads site is Craigslist. But do not forget that there are others that can bring in some quick revenue which i will be writing about it in my next post.


Step 3. The Item

Now go over to Ebay Partner Website and Pick a very high demand item. Than list it for sale on all the classified sites you have registered. (although, not all of them require you to register before listing your item).

Now when you have list the item for sale, people will message you asking for the item, you can tell them it has been sold already and then redirect them to an ebay auction of the item using your affiliate link.

Or You can just tell them that you decided to list the item on ebay instead of selling it on the classified site. this is more creative to the first option, but then, you can be creative and come up with other ideas.

Step 4. The Money

You will not only get paid for your referrals that buy something on eBay, but also for all your referrals that decide to sign up for eBay and are active. Everyone you send to eBay will also have a 30 days tracking cookie attached.

With the method above, you can start making an easy $50+ per day and if you expand it, you can reach $100 per day. you just have to be creative and explore this method to the core.

Parting Note: Do not limit yourself to just high demand gadgets/products. Remember there are plenty of HIGH DEMAND ITEMS that are also HIGH TICKET.

Now, you have a method that is sure to make money online without investing a single dime. After reading this, and you do not take action, there is no way you can earn money from the internet. You can set this up in just few hours.

Ebay Affiliate Succes Story

This story comes from the eBay site and is a great example what you can achieve with eBay Affiliate.

Mary Kincaid has “the eye.” She can spot unique and well-priced vintage clothing, jewelry and décor just about anywhere, and she loves sharing those finds with others. She created to do just that, and unwittingly became an expert curator of vintage goods.

“I started gaining followers, and that’s when the light bulb went off,” Mary explains. “People love the things I find, but that doesn’t mean I need to purchase, clean, list, package and ship everything. I can find vintage items on eBay, point people in the right direction and get a commission for it. Finding things is what I really enjoy, and it’s more profitable than doing all of the buying and selling.” Read more …

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