Google Adsense

Google Adsense is world best program run by google and its free to join program to make money online by placing ads on your website/Blog or many others google asdsense associated network where you can make money with your online content.

Adsense works great since June 18 2003 and more than 2 million people earn money online from google adsense. They pay revenue on pay per click(PPC)and per ads impression view. In 2014 they paid out nearly $10 billion to their customer.

Google Adsense : How It's Works..?

Google adsense provide program in very easy and step by step method so it help to understand the program quick and right way. Google adsense give opportunity to make money from your online content from anywhere in the world. Anyone can join the program and earn money. its free to join program, you don't have to pay anything to join or on earning. They have very high secure system for calculate earning for your adsense account. They have very strong security and protection to send money to your bank account. The following step give you more easy way to understand how it works.

Free To Join

Google adsense is legit and free to make money online from your online content. Anyone can join google adsense who 18 year old. They works all over the world. Adsense is free program to join and they never ask for money to join or earning fees or any type of fees, They offer adsense on free base.

Available For Website / Blog / Yotube Partner Program

Google adsense available for website, blogs, youtube partner program.means you can make money so many ways with your google adsense account. you can directly make money with your website or your blogs and you can make money with your youtube partner account. adsense good for everyone who have website or blog and who don't have either. They can join youtube partner program and they make money too.

Google Adsense Approval Process

When go for sign up you need g-mail account for google adsense sign-up, you can sign-up with your current gmail account then you have to add your website url for review of your site for adsense approve. then you have to put your personal information to get paid. once you fill out all the above detail and submit it. then its take 48 hours to approve or deny your application for google adsense account. once your application approve you can place google adsense code in your website to show ads in your website, and then you can make money from ads shows in your website.

Ads Types..?

Adsense give you more option to custom ads to place in your website. adsense allow 3 types of ads you can put in your website, one is text format ads, second one is display ads and third one is you can use mix of both ads format. so you have more freedom to what type of ads you want show, you can also block the ads what you don't want to show in your website. As google adsense policy you can put maximum 3 Display ads, 3 Contextual link ads, 2 Custom Search Ads on each page.

Ads Revenue..?

Google Adsense generate revenue on two basis, first one is pay per impression and second one is pay per click basis. pay per click means when someone click ads in your website then google pay you on pay per click basis. and pay per impression means google pay you just for view ads when someone watch your website page and if you put ads on that page so google pay for that too. pay per impression count on 1000 view basis. means they calculate on 1000 banner adsview for revenue.


Payout Method..?

Google Adsense pay money to their customer/adsense publisher bank account. Adsense send money once month to adsense publisher bank account. Adsense send money after $100 threshold to publisher bank account, means they send money whenever your account has $100 balance.

Things to know Before Applying for Google Adsense

Insufficient content: Don't Apply for google adsense if your website has insufficient content means google require more content which quality one and its helpful and recent time contenT. so before apply for adsense always put enough quality content, then go for apply adsnese.

comply with google adsense policy: before apply for adsense, please review adsense policy and then check your website content and topic before applying. its most important things to understand google policy so you can make your website comply with adsnese policy.

Website Design : Design is most important part to attract visitor and also like to look around the website. so if more visitor come to your website then google adsense ads get more response through visitor. so make sure your site has more quality design.

mobile responsive site : Now a days most of the online surfer use mobile to surf anything through smart mobile, so google adsense give more attention to that's type of site. always use mobile responsive themes in your website.

Content Type : Always put quality content in your site, never put pornography content, pirate content, illegal content, drug or any harmful content which harm to visitor.

Never click or watch your website page to increase your revenue because if google adsense find then they banned your adsense account. never ask your friends or family or any bot or any traffic bot which use intent to increase your adsnese revenue.

Only use others adnetwork which compatible adsense policy, if they don't compatible to adsense then google adsense reject your application.

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    Royalty Free Images uploaded to my Website / Blog.
    Can I apply for AdSense ?

    • January 20, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      Yes! you can apply for adsense

  • October 26, 2016 at 4:27 am

    I am in class 12.. But I am strong in chemistry please I need a job urgently..either in teaching profession or by selling photos..please inform me


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