Get More Views On YouTube Videos

Get More Views On YouTube Videos want every youtuber. because its make them more conversion for their business or make brand for theirs channel or help to increase revenue from google adsense. YouTube is best place where we can promote our business or show our skill to allover the world for free.

After google search most of people try to search things in YouTube whats they want. so now a days YouTube become more preferable for search. and YouTube also google company so YouTube also use algorithm like google use for showing best result to theirs viewers.if you want to increase views of your videos then you should follow the step below which we are describe. keep in mind these step help you if you follow these in proper ways and ready to implement the step in every videos.

Make channel Trailer

If you mark the famous YouTube channel most of them make channel trailer. why because they want to make theirs channel as a brand so if you like them video. you can mark they put channel trailer at the beginnings of videos. so people easily remember them so always make your YouTube channel trailer. make trailer below 60 second, so keep in mind make short and awesome which likes viewer. this help you more to get subscription, like and views.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search is most important way to get more views on YouTube videos. we know why we say keyword search beside SEO(Search Engine Optimization) because its make more effective. Keyword search give to perfect word for your YouTube videos title, description and tags. you can use google keyword planner for you can find keyword which is related to your video and you have to chose this keyword to put in your video title, description and tags.keep in mind always chose medium competitive keyword for your video but it has more number search in month. more preferable search keyword with medium competition with around 20,000 per month search.

Create Thumbnail

Thumbnail is best way to attract viewer to click on your video to watch the videos. always create thumbnail which more talk about your videos. its better to put image which related to your videos and put some text on images which is related to main topic of your videos.

Call To Action

This is very important to talk about it on video about call to action like. if you like the videos then please like share comment this videos. this thing help because it work when you say something in call to action then you get positive reaction of that so please add some call to action in your videos. its help lot.

Add Annotations

YouTube give great feature for edit in your videos. you can put annotations with links so always use annotation with others videos link in your video. if the viewer interested in your annotation then they click on it and you can get views on your other video its help too much because lots of people get more view by annotation.

Be Consistent

now a days people like new fresh and something different then before so always put new videos with more interesting way in consistently. if important to upload new videos in few days its give you consistent in views and subscription of your channel. new upload give you more view with broad audience, its increase your videos views and help to improve your channel.

Back-up from Site or Blog

this is most important for branding your channel. its help you to get back links for your videos and its also send traffic to your video from out side of YouTube. you can create website or blogs about your YouTube channel and you need to talk about your videos on your website or blogs and link the your YouTube videos in your website or blogs. as google page rank depend on back links so if your videos has more back link then you get more better page rank for your videos. so get more views on youtube videos.

Create Facebook Page

Facebook is most popular and very effective ways to get traffic to our videos. you can create Facebook page for your YouTube channel and when ever you upload videos on YouTube try to share it on your Facebook page. its help you to get more view from Facebook. you can use boost post to get more attention with targeted country. Facebook ads are very cheap you can use it to increase your Facebook page likes and boost post too.its help to send traffic to your videos.

Twitter for Tweet

Do not forgot twitter, this is also second largest social network where you can get more views for your videos. all you have to do is tweet your videos in twitter. whenever you upload new videos on YouTube then tweet it on your twitter accounts with the link of videos.

Google AdwordS

Google Adwords is best adverting place. where you can get best result, you can advertise as google search ads or YouTube search ads, these two is great ways you can advertise your videos and get more organic traffic to your video and its help to improve your videos rank in YouTube search engine.
After apply these things in your videos its help you lot to get more views on YouTube videos. sometime its take longer but don't get wrong, be patience and work on to get improve your channel.

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