Why Contena Is The Best Place for Writers

Ever wondered how people make money online. Ever wondered how people make money just by writing? Online writing jobs and freelance writing is a big part of the new economy. Contena is a website you can apply to join. It will nget you in touch with some awesome writing gigs. And is teaches you how to become a better writter. Better writters earn more money. It’s a valuable resource.

The first thing like about www. contena.co is their fantastic training courses. Although I’m not new to freelancing, sometimes I get to receive journals and materials on the areas I needed to improve on…and within two months, I’ve grown from a professional to a top professional writer.

For instance, prior to joining Contena, I was struggling with white paper writing. Now I can do that effortlessly.

Thanks to the coaches that are constantly sending me materials to improve. At Contena, your Contena Coach will help you to create an effective pitch. You can refine your writing samples, improve your portfolio and show you what’s working when applying for new gigs.

The job search you need

Another advantage that comes with Contena is the specific job parameters that allow me to search for jobs that match my skills, compensation, and time of delivery. Setting up the parameter in my dashboard, I now receive email alerts for online writing jobs that suit my listed criteria.

With that, I don’t get to struggle with submitting proposals every day. Using Contena Alerts gives me a 3 times more likely chance to get hired for a high paying job.

How much do you get paid?

What I think you’ll also appreciate the most is the pay. Unlike the paltry sum that comes with the other online job boards, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more with little effort. Even if you’re a complete novice, the constant training materials will mold you into a professional in no time.

Companies pay $50 – $400+ per article. It made me earn very quickly my first $1.000, just by doing what I love. With just one or two great clients you can build a profitable writing business that generates thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Pros to a Contena account

Contena is a platform specifically for writers seeking remote work. The platform consists of a job searching tool, training academy, coaching (for platinum members), email alert tool, submission finder and lead database of over 4-thousand companies. Members are really writing for themselves. Paying for membership helps them to provide all of these tools, job opportunities and training.

I would say the extra value with Contena comes from the training academy and the amount of information they provide on companies that help members better negotiate your pay rate. They also provide portfolio reviews and exclusive personal training for platinum members.


Compared to Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and other online writing job sites, the jobs posted on Contena are few. But when you consider the background process of checking and handpicking the best jobs that are carried out by the Contena job listing professionals, you’ll understand that it’s all in the interest of the freelancers.

Despite that, you will still have the option of selecting your choice job from the ones that are posted. And the pay is well worth it.

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