Clixsense Review n Clixsense Guide

Clixsense Review give you most trasperncy on the programs.

Are looking for online work which pay you good and you find clixsense. now you want know little bit more on clixsense and how it’s works.

So you are come to right place get true and honest review on clixsense.  here i will give you clixsense review in FQA.

As I earn money from clixsense since 2014. and clixsense always pay money on time without delay my single payment.

Clixsense is legit and trusted site ..?

Yes, Clixsense is 100% legit and trusted site to earn online. Clixsense work’s great since feb-2007. and they have more than 5 millions members.

They already paid out more than 16 millions to the members. If you want check recent total paid out then go to and go all the way down where you can find the clixsense stats.

Is it Secure site to work..?

Yes, They have very high security to protect your information. They never send you Spam e-mail or never sell your information. this site is 100% safe to work.

What I need to join Clixsense..?

All you need one e-mail address and personal laptop with internet. that’s all. its free to join. no fees for join.

How Do I Earn in clixsense..?

You can earn just by completing simple jobs like viewing advertisement, Do simple task. complete easy survey, Referring others, playing clix-grid games and many more.

Clixsense Review : How to Earn from Clixsense Step by step

View Ads : Clixsesen gives you money for just viewing ads for 5 seconds to 60 seconds. All you have to go is signing in to your clixsense account. 

then view all ads which you got on view ads page. if you don’t have clixsense account you can join here .

Once you login to your clixsense account you can view ads and earn money. you can earn up $0.02 per view ads.

view ads clixsense guide

Here you can earn from view your ads and you can earn from your referrals viewed ads. means clixsense provide great referral program where anyone join clixsense and refer as many as they refer.

they don’t have any limit on referrals. you can earn unlimited from your referrals.

In Clixsesen there are lot’s of people refer other and earn huge earning..

in the following two images. you can see the clixsense top sponsors who refer others people and make theirs dream come true to earn huge money.

in this image you will see 24 hours top sponsors. you can find this details on you clixsense account at affiliate tabs.

just imagine how much this guys earn.

top 24 hours sponsors clixsense

here you can see all time top sponsors who refer lot’s of people and earn huge money from clixsense.

Just see these referrals. ad think how much these guys earn from clixsense.

Do you want to make money like these guys then you should join clixsense and refer all you can and earn huge money without doing nothing.

all the time top sponserer in clixsense 

Where Do I find My Referral Link..?

you can find your referral link in your clixsense account page at your Affiliate Details.

you can refer below image

affiliate link clixsense

Above images you can see my referrals links but once you login your account you can see you link.

Tips : Always try free ways to refer someone. you can share this link to your facebook or your any social media page. you send this links through e-mails. 

Earn From Survey 

Clixsense provide survey where you can earn up to $5 per survey. once you login in to your clixsense account. you will find survey tab on top of the header menu.

you can easily get at least 4 to 5 survey daily. all you have to do is login to you account daily and check survey and complete it.

there are more chances to get more survey once you complete your survey profile. because once you complete survey profile clixsense easily find more survey for your profile preference.

You will get commission 5% to 10% from your referrals survey earnings.

Refer the following image to get some help on survey

clixsenes survey best way to earn

Earn From Offers

Once you click on offer tab. you will find lot’s of offers provide from different platform. you can get offers like watch videos, listen radio, install apps, play games and many more. 

clixsense allow only secure offers for theirs members.

You Will get 5% to 10% commission from your referrals offers earnings

Earn Good Money From Tasks 

Tasks is best and most favorite job to earn money from clixsenes. there are more than 30 potential task available to earn.

All you have to do is go to task tab and click on it. then just complete your profile. then you can find available jobs in task tab.

You Will get 5% to 10% commission from your referrals task earnings

The Following image show the top task work and clixsense have weekly bonus for task 

clixsense tasks for good money

Play ClixGrid and earn up to  $10 dollars. all you have to do is go to Clixgrid tab and click on image and wait for few second to validate you are winner or not. just play all chance and if you luck you can win some cash from it.

it will credited to your account. see below image to get more help

clixsense play game

As you can see clixsense provide so many ways to earn money just by completing simple work. As we are earning money from clixsene more than 2 years. they always send money on time to my account. 

Clixsesen is world second most ptc site where you can earn as you want. you can learn more on neobux which is world king of ptc sites

Clixsense is the only site where you can earn unlimited without of any cost. all you have follow the step below

  • Try to active daily on clixsene. means always login into your account and try to views all ads, 
  • Try to complete Tasks, survey,offers
  • Refer more people, this is most important part to earn unlimited.
  • you can multiply your earning just by upgrading your account. its cost you $17 per years and if you buy for two years it cost you $30.

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