How To Choose Domain Name With Simple Rules

Choose Domain Name with some plan and research is most effective rather than just buy domain name in without any think. when we are planing to create website or blog for our personal or professional life. most of the people don't plan or research when they want to create website. 90% website or blogs get success when take right domain name for website or blog.

Right domain name attract and memorable for visitors. If we take or choose domain which are not related to our website or choose wrong domain which are not SEO targeted then definitely our site goes fail in online market. the following simple rules help you to choose right domain name for your website.

Keyword Research To Choose Domain Name


Keyword research is best way to choose domain because its better to target most searchable keyword with our website subject on internet. For Example if you want to create health fitness website and if you use google keyword planner tool to search for most searchable keyword for health and fitness. google keyword planner show you the result. then choose keyword which most searchable and have less or medium competition. always pick 30k monthly searches keyword for domain. because its send you more organic search traffic to your website quickly.

Short and Unique

Always try to choose short and unique domain name. because its easy to remember and visitor do not get confuse with other similar domain name. always try to keep your name short so people can easily remember and type easily your site name. short name are most memorable for every people. you can check most of famous or brand name has short, simple and unique so visitor get more attention for it. never choose similar name which famous on the internet. because its get negative impact on your site.

.com is Best

.com is most important choice accept others extension. dot com is know as worldwide so if you choose other then you stop or loose some part of traffic or global branding. if you choose then your website more target to united kingdom only so its make your site limited and its not good choice to make your website popular and effective worldwide. only choose other extension if your site only target some part then go for it otherwise Dot Com is best and very effective for long term and make global branding site.

Avoid Numbers & Hyphens

Numbers & Hyphens is make your website name very unprofessional and unmemorable. because its hard to remember and hard to type it. most of the search engine hard to find your website for search result. google also give low rank for that kind of site.

-> When ever you want buy domain. always take some time to study market and then buy it do not just think and buy.
-> Do not copy other domain name or similar name because it might get more problem in the future.
-> if you want to make your website as a brand then try to buy domain with unique, short and subjective name for website.
-> Do not just except domain give 100% success. right domain is strong part to make your site very successful in the future.
-> Do not except quick result. because most of site take time to get famous or popular. make successful site need right domain name, awesome website design, great content, and continues services.

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