How to Build a Profitable Amazon Niche site

Would you like to learn  to Build a Profitable Amazon Niche site? Well, continue reading, you won’t regret it! I want to share with you how you can start a niche site and start earning in less than 60 days. If you build an Amazon niche site, you have to know that until you start ranking on the first 3 position of google for your keywords, you will not make any money. BUT …

Amazon Niche Sites are insanely profitable if you do it right, and once set up, it is going to be passive income for a long time.

How to Build a Profitable Amazon Niche site

You will learn the ultimate guide to building a profitable Amazon Affiliate niche sites.

Amazon Affiliate niche sites are usually evergreen. When you sell products on amazon, you are selling physical stuffs that people will need for years. Unlike Clickbank where the products tends to discontinued.

How to Find Profitable Amazon Keywords

A lot of people are confused on how to find a profitable amazon keywords to promote or build a niche site around. The golden keywords for Amazon niche sites are Best Product Category and Product Category Reviews.

Let’s assume you are building a niche site for sports shoes. You will need to check how many searches “best sport shoes” and “sport shoes reviews” have and also check if you can rank for them.

So how to find your KEYWORD?

You can use the general product categories as your seed keywords while researching, like, vacuum cleaners, sport shoes, etc. If you want to build an authority or semi-authority website, try to avoid brand or exact product names which will limit your website potential. Chose a keyword that you can generate at least 20 to 60 pages of content.

If you want to get idea on how to find amazon keywords, browse through the amazon product listing categories and especially through their bestseller lists here:

How to find the competitiveness of a keyword? Your keyword research will determine how profitable your niche site will be. Imagine going for a keyword that is un-rank-able? Keywords where the top 20 has DA/PA of over 40+ and Site Age over 3yrs+ with huge amount of quality links… Chance are; you will not see the top 10 in the next 6 months plus.

But with Longtail Pro keyword research software, you will find easy to rank keywords that are insanely profitable! If you are shy to do your keyword research, you can hit my email and I will do the research for you for just a token of $59+. The keyword package will come with 4+ keywords having over 3k local search plus a lot of long tail keywords. With products price over $100 to $500+.

Use comparison tables!

A lot of niche sites now use comparison table on their homepage as well as inner pages! Comparison tables between products are a MUST have when it comes to building an Amazon affiliate websites that converts.

Not only do this kind of website convert extremely well, they are useful to the visitors also, as they can compare multiple products at a glance. I personally use comparison table on homepage with over 2000 words articles on the product. I use comparison tables on some of my posts as well.

What are the free wordpress plugin you can use to build a comparison tables easily?

There might be a lot out there, but the two that has worked for me and it is so easy to use are;

  1. Websimon Tables plugin:
  2. Tablepress plugin:

Every comparison table differs with each niche, but you must/should have a column with the product image preview (which will be hyperlinked with your amazon affiliate link) and another column with a direct call to action: Text/Button that reads; click here for more details about this product, which when clicked will lead the customers to

Want to Start an Amazon Niche Site Today?

You will need to have the following stuffs in place when you are planning to build an amazon niche site.

Hosting– I recommend Bluehost webhosting, am using it to host my niche sites and it can use to host unlimited number of domains! And it is super cheap! Check out Bluehost Webhosting Here.

Domain– This should come before hosting, after doing your keyword research and you have decided on what domain name to buy, I recommend that you use org to see if the domain was a dropped domain or to check if the domain was penalized. If the content on the domain are not relevant to the niche. Don’t buy it. Go for fresh domain. (Unless you know how to analysis dropped domain to know which is good to build a site around) You can buy your domain name from, or

Theme– In my personal journey to building amazon niche sites, I have seen that almost all the wordpress theme convert very well for amazon. You should concentrate on the SEO aspect of the theme.

Article– You need to have about 10+ pages, 6 pages will be product reviews while the other will be informative article about the products. But it is recommended that you have up to 25+ pages of pages so your site will not be flagged as tiny affiliate site!

SEO– If you don’t know how to rank for your keywords, there is little to know chance that you will earn from your niche site. I will explain a little bit about how I rank for my niche sites and how you too can. But this process can cost up to $250+ for quality link building! Unless you plan to do it yourself.

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