Amazon Retail Arbitrage is becoming BIG business

When it comes to retail arbitrage, the name of the game is to buy low and sell high. You are shopping for the best sales and bartering for the best deals. And you make the profit. That’s what makes this such a popular side hustle for the bargain hunters, single moms, stay-at-home moms and more.

Retail arbitrage is a fairly simple concept. A retail store (such as Walmart, Target, etc.) sells a product (either online or in-store) for a certain price. You purchase that product and sell it for a higher price yourself and pocket the profit.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage is becoming BIG business. Pretty much every blog that I read or podcast that I listen to has spoken about selling products on Amazon. You can earn more money, with a high number of people seemingly earning a good amount of money as an additional side income every month.

You need to find products that are being sold cheaper in local shops, online,… And you compare what they are being sold for on Amazon. That’s how you calculate the arbitrage.

It’s a pretty simple formula.

Buy Low/Sell High

It is the same formula that everyone is already doing on every ecommerce website, you pay a product for one amount, put money on top and then sell it for a profit. It’s the way business has been done for years.

The simple game of Retail Arbitrage

The trick with postage is to add as many items as possible to one box. You will probably still get charged a flat postage fee up to a certain weight, about 5kg, so the more products you can pack in a box the cheaper the postage cost works out per item giving you a better chance to make a profit.

When you have located enough items to place into one box, simply place a postage order through the app, box your items up, print your postage labels out (UPS is Amazon’s preferred carrier) and post your products to Amazon.

As a result, it’s then over to Amazon to act on your behalf.

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